20 comments on “Instagram vs iGrann

    • Go to your profile and view the post you want to delete. On the pic just long press and you should see the garbage can on the right, at the bottom.

    • No, not with a Blackberry Storm 2. I would seriously consider looking at the new Blackberry architecture instead of anything prior to the Torch (curve, bold, storm, torch).

    • I am just guessing that you would have to switch to private mode, or hidden. Then from there just look at your “followed by” list and remove them. I don’t even know if Instagram has the capability to block individual followers while remaining ‘public’?

    • I never noticed before (shows how much video I post), but you’re right. I usually use Whine (Vine) for video posts. But yes, this is a drawback to Igrann.

    • This is a pic you posted, right? I’m playing with iGrann right now, and any of my pics give me the ability to delete the post. I long-press, and the sidebar pops out with the garbage can at the bottom.

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