• http://twitter.com/FortNeyland95 Rick (@FortNeyland95)

    OMG that’s no trick most of us was running 4.0.2 without multiple apps and the same for 4.1 it amazes me on what people do.

    • http://veryveryberry.wjrcoop.com wjrcoop

      Perhaps … but (at the time) some of us weren’t running 4.0.2 without multiple apps :)

  • http://twitter.com/naviwilliams Navi Williams (@naviwilliams)

    Thanks for taking the time to post these steps!

  • Justin

    this is the only article i have found that actual worked..my wife is thrilled now!!
    Thansk so much

  • Anonymous

    yehhhhh….already can use instagram on my bb10.2….thank you

    • http://veryveryberry.wjrcoop.com wjrcoop

      Good stuff! Have you checked out iGrann at all?

  • http://gravatar.com/kinabuch kinabuch

    thank you!!! it really works! i’ve been looking for this for soo long and I almost gave up and until i reached to your blog! thank you very much!!!

  • Anonymous


    • http://veryveryberry.wjrcoop.com wjrcoop

      You’re welcome

  • abbey

    thankyou ive been trying to do this forever!!!